Steps to build a successful teamwork

there are many steps to be able to build a successful business.
August 24, 2016

It’s not a secret that teamwork helps to achieve goals faster than individual work. It’s necessary to form a trained successful teamwork to be able to accomplish the company’s tasks.

Before forming a successful teamwork

what you have to do before creating a successful teamwork.

The goal of forming work teams is to achieve the objectives of a project according to the plan of action decided by the top management of the company when preparing project feasibility studies. The team is the tool used to achieve the action plan, and to complete the effectiveness of this tool, it’s important to choose the best elements and put the right person in the right place.

How do you choose the right person?

how you can choose the right employee

The right person for the job is the person who has:

1- Passion for the job; he does not seek it to cash month salary, but because he loves his work.

2- He should have enough information, be aware and familiar with at least the basic requirements of the job.

3- He should have all the skills needed to deal with the data and the requirements of the job.

4- He should have sufficient experience qualifies him to achieve the success of the project and help him to gain more experience.

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Choose a project manager

a successful project manager means a successful teamwork

The role of the project manager is of the most important roles at all. Unfortunately owners of start-up companies neglected this step, which is an unprofessional step. So, the chosen project manager should have sufficient knowledge to manage such projects requirements, and has previous experience in similar projects management. Project management’s goal is planning, analysis and determines the tasks and the distribution of roles on the team and make sure that the work is going according to the plan.

Meeting the teamwork periodically

the importance of meetings of team members

If your company owns a headquarter to meet the team, or if you are relying on independent and there is no headquarter, you can meet on the Internet, in all cases, as a manager you will have to hold regular meetings with the teamwork whether it was small group (few people) or at least with department managers if there are large number, and the meeting should be held periodically (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly).

What do you know about project management? 

Communicate effectively with everyone

importance of effective communication

The project manager is the main reference, which everyone rely on, not just workers but also from sponsors, the top management of the project (the Board), customers and all those who have an interest in this project; so the project manager must communicate effectively and be familiar with everything in the project and improve the decision-making.


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