Why a small business uses “DM for price”?

DM for price
July 03, 2018

You must be tired of seeing that “DM for price” reply everywhere. You almost regret clicking on the post, scrolling through the page and landing on that pair of glasses you like from that small business. But you do definitely regret commenting the very innocent “hm?” on that pair of glasses, because minutes later you received that reply.

Next, you head boils and you decide you don’t really like that pair of glasses or any kind of eye wear for that matter. Any small business you follow nowadays uses the same tactics, so we wanted to find out why.

We looked up the Instagram algorithms to understand what drives small business owners and online stores to annoy us to death on every single inquiry.


So, why is “DM for price” so popular?

You must have noticed the shift in your feed. A post from 2 days ago with high amounts of likes and comments is more likely to show up on your feed than a post from 1 day ago with only several likes.

That’s because the Instagram feed algorithm is altered from the original chronological feed to an engagement-based feed. That means that when an Instagram post receives lots of likes, comments, saves, shares, DMs, or any other kind of interaction, it is more likely to show up on your feed because Instagram considers it a high-quality engaging post that people want to see.

“The order of photos and videos in your feed will be based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post.” -Instagram

That drives small business owners to ask followers to “DM me” for additional info, price, link to order and other product-related inquiries. These kinds of replies on your comment lead you to the brand’s inbox. For the brand, that means more people in their messages, more opportunities to build relationships with their followers as well as increase likeliness of their post showing up on their feeds.

For a small business owner, personal relationships with their customers means so much. Followers are more likely to trust a brand they can talk to and be heard by. They like the feeling of direct contact with their seller as it simulates the feeling you get in a real-life store. It is like having someone you know at the bank make all your transactions, you feel more special, more taken care of and safer.

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