How “Pokemon Go Trend” benefits in Marketing products?

Pokemon Go Trend is becoming very important for marketing products in the past few days
July 12, 2016

Pokemon Go App is spreading like wildfire over the internet, it’s not just a Pokemon Go Game, It’s a Pokemon Go Trend, How? why?

Pokemon Go is an app with a simple idea which is recalling our childhood memories. The majority of the app’s users are adults who used to play this game, watching the cartoon and collecting the cards to compete with their friends! Pokemon Go app is concentrating on the user’s psychological side and getting back Pokemon’s fans and collecting new fans. The game is depending on your mobile’s GPS and clock to determine your location and then your Pokemon will appear anywhere around you to catch it. The main reason of spreading this app is because it’s free and anyone can download it. Another reason is because Pokemon’s fans wished that their Pokemon is real, and this app make them feel that their Pokemons are there in the real world.  and that helps in spreading the game all over the world and it becomes a “pokemon Go Trend”.

Many companies used Pokemon Go trend in marketing their products and services.

There are many Egyptian companies are using this hype to widen their market through their social media channels like Facebook using posts, designs and marketing messages.

Many companies used Pokemon Go trend to market their products.

Examples of Egyptian companies used Pokemon Go trend to market their products & services:

  • Careem Company for transportation services used the Pokemon hype to market their service to enhance people to use their service with marketing message “The game is excellent, but you don’t have to drive by yourself”.
  • Orange Company for telecommunication service also used Pokemon in their design with a marketing message “If you have Pokemon Go app, you will find what you are searching for in Orange branches”.
  • Birellman Egypt for drinks inserted pokemon in a post with this marketing message “If you want to go out from home to catch Pikatcho and Pelpasor, then you’re not fine”.
  • Juhayna Mix Company for dairy products used a running Pokemon saying “what are you catching? I’m not Pikatsho and I won’t get in an iron ball” in one of their social media posts.
  • MBC Masr Company for media production promoted one of its series by inserting Pokemon in a scene with one of the actors with special marketing message “Ramzy has returned back to the gallery and he’s searching for Pikatsho!! Help Ramzy and tell us where is the Pokemon?”.

The Pokemon Go hype is still in the beginning specially that the official edition is not available in the Android and iOS app store yet. It’s expected that more companies will use Pokemons to market their products and services in the next days.


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