Pokemon Go threatens privacy! Here’s the solution!

Pokemon Go threatens privacy is a sentence that many users are using to their annoyance.
July 14, 2016

Since the releasing of Pokemon Go app, it takes over the top ranking in the mobile apps downloading. This app has a massive number of downloading during the first week of launching it. Many users complained that Pokemon Go threatens privacy of their lives. The majority of the users accepted the privacy terms of the app which include access to their location, camera and storage to start playing the game. To play the game in Android devices, it’s a must for Pokemon Go app to access the camera and the location to begin the game. The app also can access the contacts and the USB storage of the mobile. For iPhone devices, most users are using their Google account to log in and installing the game from the app store which means the complete access of the app to your Google accounts including your profile and personal information in your mobile, reading the sent and received emails and tracing the history of your location; the app also can access your camera, location data and photos.

Pokemon Go threatens privacy

pokemon go privacy terms annoy the players

Not every user is accepting the privacy term of Pokemon Go app

The app is using Google map and the GPS to determine your location in order to put you in a real world location where you can see the pokemons, catching and collecting them. While chasing a pokemon, you will record everything around you including your home, personal room and your family members. In some Arab countries with veiled women, it’s not preferable to record or to take pictures to these women with the full access of the app to your camera and transferring these data to the main server as it’s considered as a breach of the user’s privacy.

How can Pokemon Go threatens your life on the road 

Releasing an updated version with limited access without the concern of ” Pokemon Go threatens privacy “

pokemon go company

Niantic Company fixed the privacy policy of Pokemon Go app

The first released version of Pokemon Go in IPhone devices required a full access to the user’s account which caused a discomforting experience to the user. Niantic Inc. Company fixed this problem in an updated version Tuesday 12/7/2016 with an access to the main information of the account such as the the user’s name and the Gmail address.

How to protect your privacy on Pokemon Go

Enjoy pokemon go game and protect your privacy.

You can play pokemon go and protect your privacy at the same time.

Anyone can download the app and enjoy playing the game without being worried from the breach of the privacy. There’s a bottom appears on the right top of the screen of your mobile when you try to catch a pokemon. This bottom will switch off your camera, and replace the background another image.




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