Pokemon Go causes walking stumble

People are exposed to walking stumble while playing pokemon go.
July 17, 2016

Pokemon Go causes walking stumble and get lost 

Pokemon Go players are now walking down to random streets to chase and catch their pokemons. They enter anonymous places in order to search for their pokemons. Teenagers and children put themselves in danger without knowing. They also may get kidnapped or injured in accidents. Besides, while searching for the pokemon, players may walk into glass doors. People who play this game should pay attention and play it in places they already knew as pokemon go causes walking stumble.


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Pokemon Go like many apps shorten your battery life

Many users noticed that the percentage of their battery is decreased very fast during playing Pokemon Go. This issue may cause the damage and draining of your battery and also shortening its life. So, there are few tips you should know and do if you want to enjoy playing this game and in the same time you can keep your battery safe. You should turn on the battery save mode from the green button, tap on setting and then select battery saver. You can also decrease the brightening of your screen to save power during playing time. Besides, you should turn off your WIFI, download offline maps and use them to search for your pokemon.

pokemon battery

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Pokemon Go app helps or ruins your social life?!

Pokemon Go is a double edged weapon in social life

Although Pokemon Go app helps in increasing the social engagement, it’s considered a double edged weapon in social life. Pokemon Go app provides players with an option to form teams with each other so they can communicate with different users which helps them in their social life. On the other side, many people especially the oldest noticed that mobile apps and social media channels ruin social life of adults and teenagers. Instead of spending times with their families and friends, they spend the majority of their time holding their smart phones and isolating from the real world. So, it’s your decision to control technology, or to let it controls you.

HANOVER, GERMANY - JULY 15: A young players holds his smartphone while playing "Pokemon Go" on July 15, 2016 in Hanover, Germany. 1.200 players have participated in the night walk through the city centre until midnight. "Pokemon Go" is a mobile game for smartphones, it uses advanced reality and geo-data to integrate the player in his search for new monsters or opponents within his location. The player now has to walk through the city, instead of spending time in front of a computer. (Photo by Alexander Koerner/Getty Images)


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