Marketing funnel in 5 steps to improve your sales

marketing funnel is the process which describes the sales process
August 28, 2016

Theoretically, the marketing funnel is the steps describing the sales process from the beginning to the end. A funnel is used to represent the buyer journey because a potential customer either descends into the next stage of the funnel when their interest increases or they exit the funnel when they lose interest.

Marketing funnel

Stages of the marketing funnel process refer to the degree of customers’ willingness to complete a transaction.

When sales opportunities moved to the bottom of the funnel, the probability of accomplishing these opportunities increased. A certain number of potential customers enter the funnel, fewer end up purchasing and even fewer absolutely love your product. Briefly, the marketing funnel enables you to analyze and manage the available sales opportunities.

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Stages of the marketing funnel

  • Awareness

Awareness in marketing funnel

marketing funnels (awareness)


Awareness is the first stage in the marketing funnel.  During this stage, prospects become familiar with your brand and company. Since the customers in this stage don’t know the value of your product or service yet, you should focus on showing the value of your product or service, and give specific details for it to build a relationship with your potential customers.


  • Consideration

consideration in marketing funnel

marketing funnels (consideration)


Once a potential customer moves from the stage of awareness, they enter the stage of consideration. In the consideration stage, a deeper relationship is built with your customer, and the potential customer is interested in knowing more about your company and products or services. In this stage, you also will know more about your customer than you did in the previous stage. So, you will be able to provide him solutions to his problems.


  • Conversion

conversion in marketing funnel

marketing funnels (conversion)


In the conversion time, your customer knows the value of your product so, it’s the decision time. In this stage of the marketing funnel, you can start talking about your product and service and why yours are better than your competitors and why it’s perfect for them. You should focus on explaining the benefits of your product and service, not only explaining their features.

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  • Loyalty

Loyalty in marketing funnel

marketing funnels (loyalty)


When your potential customer becomes a current customer, you should have a plan for increasing customer loyalty. If you don’t have a plan, probably you will waste a lot of your efforts during the previous stages of the funnel, and also you will lose many customers.


  • Advocacy

advocacy in marketing funnel

marketing funnels (advocacy)


You will reach this stage of the funnel when your customers become fans not only customers. They become recent customers who purchased from you before, but they are willing to purchase again. You win their love, they talk about your company and tell their friend about you.


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