How Landing Pages Increase Sales and Conversion Rates.

landing pages increase conversion rates and sales of your business
September 04, 2016

Internet is no longer as in the past, things are evolving day after day, styles change, and every day more new marketing strategies are generating, and other strategies were once a revolution in the world of e-marketing came to an end. But in this inconstant world, there are fixed rules for marketing in general, not only for e-marketing. And one of recent e-marketing rule is landing pages which help increase sales and conversion rates.

landing page is important to increase sales


What are landing pages?

The word Landing Page appeared on the Internet in order to express the place where visitors lay down to do a certain action, and then leave quickly after doing this action, or even ignore it.

In the world of Internet; landing pages considered something separate from the main page of the site and the main site as a whole. They reflect the direct marketing message targeting a certain category of visitors to do a particular action. Therefore, you will not find in professional landing pages side links, double messages, ads, other offers, or any other action which can distract the customers’ attention to take the needed action in the landing page.

Types of landing pages

there are 2 types of landing page, Click through landing pages and Lead generating landing page

Landing Page are two main types: –

1- Lead generation landing pages

2- Click through landing pages

Usually, the main purpose of both types is to generate and increase sales, but they are different in the characterization and classification.

First: Lead generation landing pages

Also called Lead Gen or Lead Capture Pages, its task is limited to attract targeted visitor to the landing page to take his data, then following up with this visitor with many emails that convert him from just a visitor to be a customer.

This page is usually simple in the form and ingredients, and contains only the marketing message, which tends to be brief in the form of “Are you interested in this? Register and we’ll get what nourishes and strengthens this interest “.

Second: Click through landing pages

Its task is making the visitor presses the purchase / registration link. So it can be usually longer than the previous type Lead Gen in all cases. Even if they were short, they are considered long for Lead Gen’s because they contain a lot of persuasion touches that characterize the professional sales pages, the main objective of the page is to persuade the visitor with a product / a service.

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Why should website’s owner use Landing Pages?

the importance of landing pages to increase conversion rates
1- Customer retention

Marketers used to spend thousands of dollars on PPC (pay per click) campaigns to bring visitors to their website, hoping that visitors will buy without organizing marketing process. Now, landing pages have mailing list contains customers’ data to communicate with them to maximize profitability in the future.

2- Increase the conversion rate:

When a visitor comes to your landing pages and look at your product, and think in the results he will have if he invest in, the opportunity of converting a potential customer to an actual customer increases.

3- Increasing the ROI:

And also in order to get a higher ROI (Return On Investment), the landing page that brings you visitors and keeping them, is the same page that gives you another chance with your visitors by communicating with them through the mailing list, to deal with them more than once and offer different proposals to increase the conversion rate more than once. Besides, the resale processes which are made with ex- customer, as well as sales processes that take place through existing customers.


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