5 Inspirational Brands That Set Branding Rules

Inspirational Brands
January 23, 2020

Branding is all about telling stories; ones that differentiate you from others. The most influential and inspirational brands are ones that stand out with their narrative, visuals and message. Branding is about being timeless, not trendy.


The marketing Concept “Purple Cow”, presented by Marketer Seth Godin in his book Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable, stats that brands should strive to be unique in their stories. Distinguished stories that tag on the emotional nerve build the inspirational brands we love, remember and remain loyal to.



5 Inspirational Brands who Tell Powerful Stories



The Story of Empowerment


Nike is an innovator in the field of sportswear. But they build their brand on something more special than sneakers. In recent years, they have been huge empowerment and diversity advocates. 



Nike’s Marketing Strategies so far have been extremely effective in building a loyal consumer base with an emotional bond to the brand. Their ads constantly go viral because they add value and tell powerful stories about Nike heroes that “just do it”.



Their technology also catches the sports conversation regularly. They are pioneers in their field and trailblazers with their new smart self-lacing shoes. 


Not only that, but they are also leading the new sustainability movement sweeping corporations with their free guide for sustainable design. This guide is supposed to help brands with conscious “materials, recyclability, waste avoidance, disassembly, green chemistry, refurbishment, versatility, durability, packaging, and new models.”


With this initiative, Nike continues to inspire real change through its messages, actions and identity; that is the story of empowerment. 


Azza Fahmy

The Story of Women


Not many brands in Egypt can carry the authenticity stamp like Azza Fahmy does. A renowned name in the jewelry industry in the Middle East and beyond, Azza Fahmy has cemented her brand in magical storytelling.


“I tied my hair back, put on my overalls and spent my days in a workshop full of men learning the tricks of the jewelry making trade,” Fahmy tells in an interview with Egypt Today. Her story begins in the rugged workshops of Khan Al Khalili and continues onto the future with full force with the help of her daughters, Fatma and Amina Ghali.



Azza, Fatma and Amina are the proud faces of their brand; which tells the story of the strength, talent and determination of women defying society’s barriers and running the world of business.



The Story of the Future 


Vodafone is the most prominent telecommunications company in the world and that is thanks to their continuous efforts to keep up with technology and lead its future. With a plan to introduce 5G to the world, Vodafone is now live with a 5G network covering more than 100 towns and cities across Europe.


This exciting technology amongst others the company is cooking up was the inspiration behind their most recent impressive risk.


The company led a recent rebranding campaign with the wondrous Mohamed Salah in 2018 with one of their most successful endeavors. With the public taking to the change, Vodafone pushed forward with a leaner logo and a promising logo, making it one of the most inspirational brands right now. Users appeared to believe the change was in line with the company’s ideals and services. According to Vodafone, “The Future is Exciting” and we are ready.




The Story of People 


Airbnb is a master storyteller.



The entire concept of Airbnb is based on faith; faith in people and their hospitality. It is a brand that focuses on building a community of trust, generosity and story. People telling stories of travel, experiences and most of all other people.


There are many reasons Airbnb stands out from its competitors, but an important one to remember 



The Story of Youth


Up-fuse offers a guilt-free purchase with bags manufactured from undegradable plastic waste.



The people behind the brand tell the story of young Egyptian women trying to make a difference by up-cycling plastic to create fashionable, sustainable and youth-favorite bags and accessories. Through local artisans and craftsmen, Up-fuse seeks to raise awareness on the environmental impact of single-use plastic and provide Egyptian youth with conscious products.

Dina Nour

Dina Nour is a Content Writer at Code95. She writes blog posts dedicated to helping Code95 readers learn and apply Marketing fundamentals. Her interests include internet memes, more internet memes and even more internet memes.


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