Will IGTV compete with Youtube? (4 arguments that say yes!)

December 05, 2018

Instagram vs Snapchat

A couple of years ago and completely out of the blue, we have been surprised that Instagram has launched a new feature (Instagram Stories) that is almost a copycat of Snapchat stories. Although Instagram didn’t come up with the idea and the application of the feature from scratch as obviously, the credit goes all to Snapchat regarding that part.

Apparently, Instagram nailed it with adding such a feature. We can’t deny that it was a smart move as it made the app multitasking and complemented it. They even succeed to surpass Snapchat because simply it lured the Instagram users to stick to one app rather than switching to another one to use this feature.


Instagram vs Youtube


We have a similar story but this time it is Instagram vs Youtube.

Specifically after Instagram has launched the what is called IGTV. The consequences regarding the competition between the two apps are still vague but of course, we are wondering if Instagram is going to steal the spotlight from Youtube like what happened earlier with Snapchat. Will Youtube encounter the same misfortune and face a major setback or will overrun it?

It is all about time. We will wait and see!


What is IGTV?

So let’s shed lights on one of the most trendy apps out there and all the fuss going around it.


  • IGTV is designed specifically for smartphone users.

  • You can take video that lasts up to 24 hours.

  • Videos are vertical which is friendly with smartphone users.

  • It is not a live stream, you can take the video, edit it if you like and then upload it.

  • There is a separate app for IGTV or you can open it from your Instagram app.


We can assure that Youtube is always been our number one video sharing website or app and our online video leader that whenever we need to check a video we spontaneously go to Youtube without a second thought. It has an essential role in a way that we can’t easily give up on using it, however, the emergence of IGTV may spice up some competition that may lure specific Youtube users to IGTV.


IGTV vs. Youtube…

So here are some points that illustrate what exactly is special about IGTV which may arise a competition with YouTube:


1- One drawer for all!

Imagine that you can keep most of your stuff in one big drawer, that will be way easier than checking others.

It is the same with Instagram, many people especially influencers, bloggers and public figures who already have a whopping number of Instagram followers may favor IGTV now over Youtube. Because Instagram now is an inclusive app for them they can share photos, stories and use IGTV for longer videos, so they may won’t need to switch to another app and just stick to Instagram.


2- Vertical video changing the game!

The vertical video is a game changer and privilege to many users, as it is like connecting with people faces. No need to flip the phone over to a watch a full-screen video like Youtube.

It is clear that IGTV is designed specifically mobile phone users so the view should be vertical and full screen. You feel that you are watching a cinematic view. So the vertical video is very futuristic and compatible with mobile users and of course, it makes more sense that the view is likely more to be vertical.


3- Faster loading!

Based on many users reviews on IGTV, they think that when it comes to video loading it is much faster than Youtube’s mobile app. Also, they can easily enjoy watching the videos of their favorite followers which IGTV can serve this part much better than Youtube.


4- Great opportunity for beginners!

For amateur vloggers or those who are ambitious to be famous ones, IGTV gives you a good opportunity to start and let your content go viral, because the growing number of Instagram users indicates that you can get exposure and build an audience in a short time span.


So, who do think will win the competition?

Rana Ghareeb

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