Content types to utilize in promoting your business

There are many content typesto promote business such as blog articles, meme, infographics, images and videos
August 14, 2016

Creating content has become an essential aspect of successful marketing as it considered the most effective way to promote business. Content is not just a blog or an article you should post regularly, It’s a main aspect that is being built to serve your business. There are many content types and methods to generate your business, find what best fits your needs to apply.

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Top content types help to promote business

1- Blog Articles

blog articles and its impact on your business

When it comes to content marketing, blog articles are on the top of the list. Blog articles related to your industry are a natural way to promote business and services , as they make customers trust you and your services. By creating a blog, you present a resource for your customers, as well as an opportunity to reinforce your brand, so it’s important to post daily or weekly.

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2- Infographics

infographics and it's impact on business

Infographic is mixing between info + graphic and presenting it in a visual and attractive way to simplify complex ideas and information such as technical and detailed information. Infographic is a perfect way to deliver any idea such as statistics, data and researches, because infographics get viewed more and shared more than any other content type. Infographics are considered the fastest growing form of content marketing, as readers  enjoy looking at infographics and remembering them more than reading articles, that’s why infographics were liked and shared up to 3 times more than other contents on social media.

3- Memes

meme and it's impact on business

Meme is a funny captioned photo which expresses verbal expressions, human behavior and philosophical content. Memes can be photos, videos, words and they may suit social media channels such as Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr because they are funny and people love what they can laugh at. On the contrary, Memes may not be the best type of content to share on your blog because they can be low value and that may affect the brand that you’re trying to promote.

4- Images and Videos

images and videos' impact on business

Images with creative design can help to deliver your message more that written content, as studies show that users react to images more than words. With powerful images, design and message, you have w great opportunity to explain and deliver your ideas, as well as attract user attention.

A video explains your business with a valuable content can deliver your message in a memorable way. Publishing testimonials and interviews may have a great impact to your business, and remember that two or three minutes are perfect, as videos are not supposed to be long.


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