Helpful student apps that actually come in handy

September 25, 2017

Schools and Colleges are knocking on the doors and it may make sense that you should steer clear of your cell phone as much as you can and most parents keep wishing for that too, hoping that your cell phone addiction and obsession diminish throughout your semesters to focus on your studies and get the best grades.

But in fact not every mob app is a distraction, there are actually beneficial apps that can be a complementary to some curriculum to look over on the go and do some refreshments to your memory.

So eventually as a parent there are 5 student’s helpful apps, when you see your son or daughter switching from app to app while studying , pull yourself together , suppress your anger ,give them the benefit of the doubt and don’t rush with “you will do no good this year as long as you keep staring at your mobile” who knows? their intention could be for good.

Brush up your English language with the Robot “Andy”

One of the 5 student’s helpful apps is Andy which is IOS and Android app, it is a good choice if you want to boost your conversation skills for day to day interactions, enhance your grammar with brief and simplified explanation and learn new words maintained with examples.…/andy-english-chat-…/id1078490509……

English to Arabic Translator at your fingertips!

Arabic English Dictionary is IOS and Android app, one of the best apps when it comes to translating from Arabic to English and vice versa. It is user friendly as it works perfectly offline with pronunciations, you can find synonyms or related words you are looking for supported with phrases and word reminders.…/arabic-english-dict…/id425129943……

To be multilingual is a piece of cake now!

Duolingo is IOS and Android app, it is the perfect app for learning languages, it is tremendously helpful and it has over 23 languages to pick from. The learning technique is very beneficial, it helps you to catch the accent fast and memorize the words easily.…/duolingo-learn-span…/id570060128……

It is almost like a mini Encyclopedia !

Khan Academy is IOS and Android app; it is like a comprehensive reference for you to boost your skills in different fields like math, science, economics, history…etc. The app is provided by advanced search and you can easily reach what you are looking for, you can also keep learning while you are offline and bookmark your favourite content.…/khan-academy-you-ca…/id469863705……

No need to go abroad to learn, just download EDX.

EDX is IOS and Android app, if you are wishing to take courses from the world’s best universities and institutions right at your place then EDX is the best choice for you. You can learn from the best instructors in 70 global universities, there are live streams or you can download the course to watch it anytime and you can test your knowledge with quizzes and exams.…


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