Expected trends in 2017

There are many expected trends in 2017.
December 20, 2016

It is taken for granted that business world is in continues growth. Every year experts expect many trends and strategies to rise and grow. These expected trends are reflection or complementary of previous trends that help in increasing the business community. That’s why; many leading companies show interest in implementing these trends to drive success and expand their business world wide.

Crystal Clear: Business Trends 2016. 

Here are top expected trends in 2017


1- E-Commerce is in continuous hike

E-Commerce is in continuous updating and Improving to meet the needs of the market. E-Commerce trend is growing due to achieving fruitful results in saving time and effort for both the customer and the business owner. Under the umbrella of E-Commerce trend; there are small expected trends are awaiting to grow and improve in 2017, here they are…

e-commerce trends in 2017

a- Faster shipping or same day delivery

Because of the fast life style for the majority, the need of faster shipping or same day delivery is increasing. The current demand of many customers is applying the same day shipping service, which by the way is testing now in Amazon. Besides, carrying out free shipping and free return services will increase the buying behavior according to many surveys.

b- Asian Market is growing

The beginning of e-Commerce market was in US as its one of the major markets and still, but after the global spreading of the e-Commerce, the expected trend is moving towards Asia (especially China) in order to continue the growth of e-Commerce sales. The best thing in e-Commerce is the unneeded of your physical existence to start business in a new market, the thing which helps China to attract new investments.

c- Online shopping with Mobile

As noticed, mobile users are taking over desktop users and the number is increasing. Online shopping through mobile devices is expected to continue as one of the essential trends in 2017. As a result, mobile payment methods will generate more leads, raise the revenue and build strong relationship between the brand and the customer.

2- Connect customers to brand to guarantee their loyalty

organization should connect customers to their product to guarantee their loyalty

Building relationships between customers and companies is as essential part in the business cycle. Companies need to connect with their customers not just selling them products. One of the ways to maintain and build a strong relationship with customers is designing more customized products. I don’t exaggerate when I say that anyone will be satisfied and pleased from customizing a product to fulfill his or her need. Any customer will be fully satisfied if he finds out that the company is ready to design and implement a product just for him which of course will strengthen the relationship between the company and the customer and build strong loyalty.

We at Code95 are keen on delivering satisfaction to our customers through implementing tailored solutions according to their needs and taste.

 3- Sales and Content Marketing meet

integration between sales and content marketing.

When customers and buyers search online for a product or service, the first thing they expect to find is the answers to all their questions and concerns about the product. Many organizations and companies implement the sales and content marketing integration strategy. The fully integration between sales and content creation depends on the complete understanding of the buyer behavior. In other words, in order to get better content, you should understand the persona.  After creating content relevant to the customer needs, the customer is willing to deal with the sales team and go through the sales process. The alignment between sales and marketing is considered a part of account based marketing strategy (ABM) which is trending nowadays.


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