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September 18, 2018

Your web design is a mirror image that best reflects the quality of your business. That’s why it should be precisely customized with an exquisite design, distinctive ambiance and the look & feel that manifests your identity. Your design should shed light on your core values and give a lasting positive impression on your brand.

But when it comes to choosing the right web design, there are many considerations you should take into account prior to design implementation. In order to guarantee optimum and efficient results you are looking forward to.

Now we are shedding light on some substantial elements that you should incorporate within your website.

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  1. Responsive web design is essential

It is crystal clear that with the whopping growing number of mobile users and tablets nowadays, designing a responsive website is inevitable for so many reasons:

Go compatible with all devices! 

Customers can access the website from any device without facing any obstacles that may hinder their way. On the contrary, unresponsive website is a major setback. Users end up ditching the website right away, because they were bothered spending their time hurting their eyes zooming in and out without the convenience they expect.

Responsive web design gives a lasting positive impression!

Being compatible with the nonstop pace of technology is quiet substantial and enhances your image. Now with all the moment by moment updates and the trends going around, the least you can offer to your customers is a responsive website. Users will consequently perceive you as a prestigious brand, as they are having a consistent experience through all screen devices without any complications.

Pop up in the first pages of search engines!

One of the most important privileges you earn from going responsive is you have a good chance to be on the top pages of the search engines and upgrade your rankings. As it is highly recommended by most SEO companies that you will be more favorable than unresponsive websites regarding the rankings. That is simply interpreted in the lower bounce rate. You are offering a better usability which makes your visitors stay longer on the website and happily visit you frequently, thus making you more advantageous as you succeed to offer a satisfying experience to the website users.

2. Entice your visitors with a video in your web design for maximum engagement 

Now many creative web design companies are heading toward creating videos within your website. It is definitely a more trendy direction which you have to leverage for the following reasons:

Provide concise content yet informative and intriguing!

Today many visitors are not interested in spending time reading the run of the mill blocks of content they encounter in almost every website they come across. Generally, the era we live in and the faster pace of life, makes people lean more to seek things that are to the point. A creative web design should spare you the space required to fill it up with written content to illustrate your business. Spare the users time spent reading too much content that may eventually be a turn off for them. Thus leading them to leave your website sooner than you can imagine.

A perfect interactive tool to tell your story!

One of the perfect storytelling mediums are videos. Creating a background video within your website is always considered a smart move, as it gives a comprehensive overlook of your business and sums up your journey.

Sometimes you wonder why your customers or prospects have a short visit on your website and don’t last longer.

The answer is simply because the lack of excitement and engaging content. So one of the creative additions your web design agency should implement is a storytelling video. The users will instantly get emotionally connected with it and can be more persuasive in highlighting your business aspects.

 3. Your web design should translate your business brand and conveniently match your target audience!

 When it comes to web design every choice you put your eyes on should be geared toward your target audience. It  should transmit your brand voice, shed light on your specs and most importantly enhance the user experience.

You need a noticeable and unique typography!

Customize a typography that is mostly recognizable and distinctive, letting anyone spot the brands promptly. Typography is a significant and impactful element of the website. It portrays the ambiance and the mood of your business website. Your typography should be designed with an artistic touch yet clear enough to enhance readability. It is one of the crucial elements for user experience and gives an impression about the quality of your website design.

You need to be visually attractive!

Communicate a true visualization of your business making your website visually appealing for your visitors to catch their eyes. Users should be lured to discover more about you and interested in flipping through your website. The website graphics should be simple yet very sophisticated. It should indirectly conveys a message or an implication of your business nature and mantra. Also, your product images should be featured in a way that adds value, explains itself and speaks louder than words.

Bottom line is settling on the optimum creative web design for your website should be done carefully and precisely by including the elements we highlighted earlier. Finally, make sure you translate your business identity, your target audience and your services in your web design.

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