6 Ecommerce website essentials for guaranteed success

September 21, 2018

Ecommerce website is the new taking off trend in the Middle East. So, it is time for you to hit that wave!


Whether you have a creative idea for a product or want to drive your small business past Instagram, an Ecommerce website is the way to go.


We will give you the top 6 Ecommerce website essentials that will give your website an edge in 2018.

Ecommerce website essentials 2018

  1. Mobile friendly Ecommerce website to snatch your users’ attention

According to Moxie, 62% of smartphone users between the ages of 18 and 44 grab their phone as soon as they wake up. Moreover, 65% of year-over-year sales in 2016 were made on smartphones.


Why does this matter?


Well, if users are spending that much time on smartphones, then your mobile friendly, well-designed and easy to navigate Ecommerce website is sure to lock in some online shoppers. If you are not using those stats to your advantage in 2018, you are missing out!

2.Easy navigation for your Ecommerce website for users that stay

One of the most fatal mistakes made by Ecommerce website owners is underestimating their website’s navigation.


Easy scrolling through products or services is sure to keep your potential buyers interested. You can do that by following these steps:


  • Filter and sort your products according to your buyers needs.


  • Make sure they move from one page to another with the least amount of clicks.


  • Avoid cluttering on too much products, prices and information in a limited space.


  • Give customers the right search results.

Check out what happens when we click “wallets” on Palmaegypt.com.

Ecommerce website essentials

Ecommerce website essentials 2

Although we love Palma Egypt’s simple Ecommerce website design, a mistake like this is sure to puzzle their potential buyers.

3. An Ecommerce website that shows up for your users

SEO optimisation is the most essential part of any Ecommerce website’s success. If your customers can’t reach you, then they can’t buy your products.


Here are some simple steps to guide you through Ecommerce website SEO:


  • Start by searching relevant keywords in your niche and begin optimizing your content and images accordingly.


  • Make sure your product descriptions are clear and helpful to the buyers as well as hitting those keywords.

  • Your images should be named after your product, describing its contents and containing its relevant keywords.


  • Your images sized should not be too big so that they load faster when your users find them on search engines.

The world of Ecommerce website SEO is vast. Doing your homework when it comes to SEO is sure to pay off. There is nothing more important than showing up for your users.

4. Copy and images that help your users to buy

Who are you intended users?


Answering this question will definitely sort out the rest of this point. Figuring out your buyer personas will set your tone, colors and overall vibe.


  • Grab attention with the right copy

The key here is to persuade your potential buyers to make the purchase from the moment they enter your website.


Check out OUNASS.com’s attractive copy right out of the gate. Their messages are simple and tempting.

Ecommerce website essentials 3

Next up:


Your product descriptions (as well as being SEO optimised) should be enticing, powerful and informative. It should include all the relevant info your potential buyer needs to know. Don’t leave them wondering or questioning!


Don’t forget to include clear CTA that guides your online shoppers to their next move.


  • Images that pop on the screen

Misguiding images for your products is an absolute no-no.


Experienced online shoppers can tell when an image has been tampered with. Experienced online shoppers also get completely turned off by non-pleasing images. So make sure your product images are simple, authentic and aesthetically pleasing.


Check out Modus Nutrition infusing a great product image with some informative content. We love this layout for their Ecommerce website.

Ecommerce website essentials 4

5. Get on top of the new trends: voice search

It is not enough to keep up with the current technology anymore (as exhausting as that is). Now, you have to optimise your Ecommerce website for the upcoming trends sweeping the internet.


A smart Ecommerce website owner is one that can predict the latest nuances.


Our best guess?


Voice Search will take up 50% of all searches by 2020, according to ComScore. 20% of searches on the Google app and Android devices are currently voice, according to Google.


That means optimising your Ecommerce website to accommodate voice search will give you an edge to be reckoned with.


Will you give it a try?

6. An Ecommerce website buyers can trust

Testimonials are a powerful tool for small businesses on Facebook and Instagram. But they can also work for your Ecommerce website.


Shopping online (especially in the Middle East) can sometimes be daunting because of elements like payment and low quality products.


In order to establish a trusting relationship with your potential buyers, you need to offer social proof. Include customer reviews, number of items sold and more to reassure customers that you are a brand to be trusted.


Check out this Rebecca Wood Ecommerce website technique of flaunting their Martha Stewart recognition. What a great way to get some customers’ attention!

Ecommerce website essentials 5

Another great way to connect with your potential buyers is setting up a live chat within your interface. Answering inquiries live and giving immediate informative replies will help establish a relationship with the customer.


Implementing these essential tips and tricks will ensure your website’s success. Also, keep in mind elements like design and marketing that are extremely important to getting your Ecommerce website across.


Are you ready to take your Ecommerce website to the next level?

Dina Nour

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