#DeleteFacebook is going viral

March 28, 2018

Couple of days ago a new hashtag going by the name #DeleteFacebook. Its meaning actually explains itself. It started unpredictably trending and going viral all over the internet. This rage had been triggered by an incident which seemed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back, as it denoted that the data on Facebook may not be that confidential and a trust issue started to surface among so many users concerning the privacy.

What happened exactly is without the user’s authorization, the company Cambridge Analytica decided to access the data of over 50 million social media users, the act accused them of breaching and violating data. After the fuss that had been going around due to this matter that put the Facebook in a bad situation and it’s future in jeopardy, Facebook suspended Cambridge Analytica from it’s platform.

One of the initiatives who started this hashtag was the WhatsApp cofounder Brian Acton, there are also many other public figures who are on the same page and enthusiastically supporting the idea ,claiming that we should protect ourselves from the invasion of privacy.

Are you willing to ditch Facebook and give up on it after this incident? Or you believe it has it it’s cons and pros and can’t deny that it is one of the most powerful social media tools and also hoping that after this incident they will do amends to maintain the privacy and the confidentiality of the users?

Are you team #DeleteFacebook or team #SaveFacebook?

Rana Ghareeb

Rana Ghareeb is a Code95 Content Writer, who loves writing about Marketing and Business. Books and pens are her best companions as writing is the place where she satisfies her passion for conveying her voice...


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