5 Tips to achieve customer retention

Customer retention
February 13, 2017

No doubts we believe that customers are hugely important asset to any company. Without a strong customers’ bond and their satisfaction you soon will go out of business, that’s why customer retention strategies are critical to follow.

Ways to increase customer retention through website.

The way to achieve customer retention strategies.

If you surf the internet looking for customers’ retention definition, you will find a bunch of them that leads to the same exact conclusion, it is build strong customers’ relationship and maintaining it every way possible. The following five points is the main way to go.

  • Know your customers.

It doesn’t make sense if you are selling to whom you don’t know, you won’t deliver what they need because you don’t know what they need, don’t understand how they see things and judge you or simply you do produce for no one, crazy I guess!

Each business has its own rules and can apply multiple customer retention strategies. So just put yourself in your customer’s shoes and be on the top of what is happening around to know what they need now or what they will need in the future!

Customer retention strategies

  • Each client is the only one.

Or so they should feel, from the moment a lead has turned to a client he should feel special. The first person talks with them on the phone to beyond finishing the deal and delivering the product or doing the service should be an extraordinary experience for them. It’s like you are adding a frosting to a birthday cake it won’t work without it. Responsiveness is a main factor here as it shows how much you want to work with that customer and how much you are keen on building a relationship with them. Following up with them is another important part of the story, checking on them every once and awhile will make them feel you care, sending a couple of emails each month won’t harm you and will do a lot to them, tell them you remember.

Customer retention strategies

  • You are not selling, you are helping them to buy!

Ok I know some of you will think I’m kidding because it’s obvious that any business aim is selling and have some cash in but researches and trials proved if you help your customers first it’s going to benefit you in the end. Imagine this, you are at a hotel and all what is important for all who are working there is making you feel great and relaxed. They gave you the perfect room, tell you what you need to hear and introduce you to all the services that suit your personality, budget and time. I bet you will go there over and over again believing that they care and knowing they will give you what you need this is called best fit solution. You will be keen on filling their needs before yours, gathering all the information through good listening and promising what you can give.

Customer retention strategies

  • You are here whenever they need.

Themes a bit emotional! Don’t worry it’s about being available to answer any question they have.  You may give them advice even if it’s about something else than your field but you have information about. If some calls you with a request that out of your budget refer them  other places you know will fit their needs, once this someone grow he probably will get back to you. Act as a consultant in your field, show them not all the information and recommendations are paid!

One of the best customer retention strategies is actually keeping the 😉

Customer retention strategies

  • Feed backs are just the beginning.

Feed backs and testimonials are a great way to know where you are standing, as they theme to be the final stage of a project, if used right it’s the beginning of much more to come. Getting a feedback will achieve two main things, 1st you will know how your customers are thinking about you, 2nd It will attract new customers if they are good for sure. Customer retention strategies is all about using your resources right. Surveys, emails, usability test, customers interviews and etc.. is all ways to get your feedback and I’m positive you can innovate something.


Customer retention strategies

Customer retention is all about how you see the customers and vision your company. A lot of ways and strategies are around just choose a one that suits you and start applying now. Keep in mind they are an important element for your business to keep going.

Tell us your ways for customer retention.

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