10 Ecommerce websites buzzing in the Middle East

October 02, 2018

When it comes to Ecommerce websites in the Middle East, we don’t feel like that are many contenders for the BEST Ecommerce website around as there should be.


That could be because the “shopping online” culture is not yet prevalent in the Middle East. Maybe it is because brands have not yet fully understood the scale of revenue online shopping could bring in. Whatever the reasons may be, the results for Ecommerce websites in the Middle East are disappointing.


Yet the ones we did find, as well as the ones we tried out are fairly impressive. We want you to get the gist of the Ecommerce website game in the Middle East. Whether you are checking out the competition or a user looking to shop, here are the online stores you need to get on trend.


Let’s take a look at the best Ecommerce websites around now.

The Ecommerce website king: Souq

Owned and run by Amazon, Souq.com is absolutely the go-to Ecommerce website for all Middle-Easterners.


Established in 2005 and providing great deals and Amazon trusted security, it is the number #1 choice for an online shopper’s every need. From mobile phones to fashion to even groceries, Souq.com has all you need and more.


With an average traffic of 7.4 million users \ month, it is the largest visited Ecommerce website in the Middle East.

Luxury is here: OUNASS

Ecommerce website1

With 4.4 thousand visitors \ month, OUNASS.COM is a home for luxury fashion, beauty and lifestyle products.


We picked it for our list because of its more Middle-Eastern vibe. Offering Eid and Ramadan wardrobe options is surely helpful to Middle-Eastern buyers who find it difficult to get modest clothing in regular stores.


Providing stylish yet uniquely Middle-Eastern designs sets OUNASS apart from other Ecommerce websites around.

For the Arab minimalist: Nominal

Ecommerce website2

Your accessories can now truly reflect your persona. Nominal offers Middle Easterns some custom watches, necklaces and bracelets in their own tongue with their own vibes.


If you are striving for a uniquely minimalist accessory, Nominal is where to shop. With a sleek and crisp interface, their black and white aesthetic is contagious. You’ll definitely want to get your fix of the quality they offer.

Cozy up: Wysada

Ecommerce website3

Great design, excellent copy and a cozy atmosphere, Wysada.com takes our pick for best Home & Furniture Ecommerce website in the Middle East.


We love the products they offer as well as how they offer them. We’re buying, for sure.

Trendiest Ecommerce website: Namshi

Ecommerce website5

Namshi.com is another great Middle East based Ecommerce website that offers the latest in Fashion & Accessories.


Their edgy and fun display lets you know you are getting the best quality clothes, shoes and bags with the trendiest designs.

Get consciously fashionable: Up-fuse

Ecommerce website6

This is an one Ecommerce website that genuinely inspires us. We are really excited about making an impact, even if it is through consumption.


Up-fuse offers upcycled bags and accessories that are manufactured to leave a positive environmental and societal impact. Through local artisans and craftsmen, Up-fuse seeks to raise awareness on the environmental mark plastic waste leaves.


Their products provide the sustainability mixed with style we look for.

Go-to mommy Ecommerce website: Mumzworld

Ecommerce website7

Moms don’t have time or patience for store purchases anymore. If you want to know your key demographic when it comes to online shopping, it is definitely swamped moms that want the best prices with the best quality. They can find that here, in Mumzworld.com.


With a fun and colorful interface, it makes online shopping effortless. Moms can find everything they need for their kids and themselves on Mumzworld. From diapers to clothes to school supplies, it is the online store every mommy has been waiting for.

The story behind our roots: Markaz

Ecommerce website8

Mixing traditional roots with modern utilization, Markaz online store is holding on to the best of ancient Egyptian craftsmanship to present it to the contemporary world.


What we love most about shopping at Markaz is that it tells a story. Each item on their website is crafted by master artisans, inspired by their local environment, from all around Egypt. From embroidery, weaving and beadwork to tasselling and khayamyia, Markaz are bringing back the looks and feels of the olds that we know and love.


You can’t really get that level of authenticity anywhere else. 

Modesty in style: Lakuna

Ecommerce website9

Lakuna Swim’s website is simple, almost minimalistic.


We admire the concept as well as the designs. Lakuna provides modest swimwear for hijabis struggling to find stylish and interesting attires to the beach.


Easy to navigate and with very little clutter, Lakuna’s Ecommerce website is one to look out for in the future.

Get gift creative: The Giftery

Ecommerce website10

We know execution could use a little work (we would love to declutter TheGiftery desperately), but this Ecommerce website’s idea fully intrigued us.


TheGiftery.com is an Ecommerce website where you can buy gifts for your loved ones within different categories and options. We were extremely excited to find special Sa7el, Eid and Back to School gifts to choose from. You can also create a registry (wedding gift list) where friends and family can buy you gifts off your list.


So if you don’t know what to get your loved ones for a birthday, a wedding or even a anniversary, TheGiftery has got you covered. Sounds great, right?


With these options out there, we believe we still need more Ecommerce websites in the Middle East. Because more and more consumers are leaning in to the online wave, you should too. But it has to have the right design, feel and trust that a legit and user-friendly Ecommerce website must have. Here at Code95, we are extremely excited for the new apportunities the Ecommerce world has to offer to the online scene.


Got an Ecommerce website idea? Code95 offers creative and cutting-edge Ecommerce website development and design. Contact us to find out more.

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