Butterfly Effect & Business Growth

November 23, 2017

“You could not remove a single grain of sand from its place without thereby changing something throughout all parts of the immeasurable whole. –Johann Gottlieb Fichte

Let me introduce you to one of the most mind-blowing theories that is massively affecting us, yet sort of unknown and underestimated.

The Butterfly Effect

Coined by The Mathematician and the Meteorologist “Edward Lorenz” back in 1960, expressing that the fluttering of a butterfly’s wing can be the cause of a series of events thousands miles away.

“Small causes can have huge effects.”

For Example: A butterfly flatters it’s wings in Japan, 2 months later a hurricane hits The Great Britain.

So is the movement of the butterfly did really cause the hurricane in Britain? within the chaos theory , the answer is YES

How does this relate to business growth? 

One single word and it’s Attitude.

Because one action, one attitude can make you or break you. The attitude of leaders and even employees can have a significant effect on their progress and achievements within the company, it’s one of the hard-to measure factors that affect our success without even knowing it.

Have you ever stopped and stared , thought of how many people are impacting your life without you even notice ? did you ever appreciated their acts and told them how grateful you are that they were part of your journey?

Alongside, Many of business leaders and executives fail to realize how their attitude can affect their co-workers and the whole team productivity , like not paying attention the their employees personal problems or simply ignoring their achievements which somehow can make the employee feel indifferent, unappreciated  and constantly doubting their image among their work colleagues and thereby decreasing their level of passion and enthusiasm.

Here are some points that we all should be considering in our daily working life.

Be A Good Role Model To The People Around You.

If you are a leader or in charge of authority, Remember! everyone is watching your behavior trying to catch the way you are dealing with those whom you lead and how are you handling those challenges , is it a good way? rational one? or a misleading one that causes a negative impact, then they will decide whether or not they should follow you in their career path, so you’d better consider it.

Separating Your Personal Issues Away From Work.

Just like we have tons of problems related to work, we also have our own personal problems and insecurities that can win the battle against our mood, makes us feel stressed and unable to deal with the people surrounding us , but if we didn’t take the control of it , it won’t just affect us but also will unintentionally cause a negative environment to those around us , to innocent people who have no idea of our drama, so that’s why we should try to separate our personal issues once we arrive work till we get it figured out. and avoid spreading it to those who won’t be able to help because you won’t get your problem solved but you will harm them instead.

Pay It Forward.

Many business owners think that if they reward their employees in a financial way they will be loyal and retained, those kind of things really help but nothing compares to small acts of appreciation and empathy, simply because the productivity of an employee is always doubled when he understands his importance to the system and thereby feel invested in a future with the company.

Remember, many small acts can lead to enormous one, Spread the kindness!

Attitude Is A Choice, And Comes From Within.

Managing to have such positive and successful attitude regardless of the environment needs strengths and courage , you wake up everyday and you choose to be happy and positive or aggressive and unkind which is not helping, that’s because personal coaching industries has became so large nowadays, considering those great military leaders during wars who faced overwhelming issues but yet they found a way to victory.

Business is much alike, facing odds everyday that might break us down, we are the one who choose how to deal with it and seize the success out of failure! 

At the end of this, we should be aware that positive situations that we make it with love is respected, told and retold by everybody.

Can you imagine how much positive changes and happy moments can be resulted if we paid attention to our attitude!

Substitute aggressiveness with empathy, impatience with motivation and you could make a real huge difference in somebody else’s existence.

Rana Ghareeb

Rana Ghareeb is a Code95 Content Writer, who loves writing about Marketing and Business. Books and pens are her best companions as writing is the place where she satisfies her passion for conveying her voice...


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