Build a barrier against Ebola

Because your safety and health really matter, today Code95 will illuminate you about the Ebola virus.
October 20, 2015

Because your safety and health really matter, today Code95 will illuminate you about the Ebola virus. It is sad and heartbreaking to see many people die and others are in pain because they lack knowledge about the disease, its symptoms and how to be protected from it. So we believe that spreading the awareness among people on such fatal diseases could save many lives and pull them out of the fire before it is too late.

So what is Ebola? It is a series disease transmitted by animals and humans; the virus was first detected

in 1976 in Sudan and Congo and has been named after the Ebola River in Congo. An outbreak occurred

in March 2014 that began in West Africa. This Ebola outbreak has proven to be more severe than any

previous outbreaks.

We know you freaked out now. But there is no need to panic as Code95 will tell you exactly how to

fortify yourself against the virus and err on the side of the caution.

Here are some simple few tips you should follow, especially if you are travelling to a country affected by the Ebola virus:-


1-Wash your hands: – guess what! it is supposed to be inevitable to wash your hands frequently, but in

case you don’t , you should, as hand hygiene will not only save you from Ebola but also from other

contagious viruses.

2-Use a sanitizer: – hey ladies you carry a lot of useless stuffs in your handbags, a small sanitizer bottle

won’t make your bag heavy and for guys keep one in your car and one on your office desk.

3-Avoid close contact with animals: – playing with monkeys and giving them bananas and peanuts is

fun, one of your favorite hobbies is hunting animals that could be fun too. But when it comes to your

health and you know that Ebola infects humans through close contact with fruit bats and nonhuman

primates like monkeys, chimpanzees and forest antelope, there is no fun in that and you should be more


4-Avoid contact with blood and body fluids:- basically, the idea of being in contact with other’s body

fluids like sweat, vomit , blood, tears and saliva is not really cool. Anyway you should take care especially

if you are in contact with a person who is sick, as Ebola is highly contagious through blood and body

5-Drop by the nearest hospital:-in case you developed any doubtful symptoms like headache, vomiting,

fever, sever muscle pain, rash, sudden bruising and bleeding. You should seek immediate medical care

and limit your contact with others.


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