Account Based Marketing, When Sales and Marketing Meet!

account based marketing depends on collaboration between sales and marketing
November 28, 2016

Account based marketing is considered a business to business (B2B) strategy helps in building cooperation between sales and marketing to present tailored offers to specific accounts. The main point in ABM is knowing  who are the qualified leads, not just having a huge number of leads who might be unqualified.

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Account based marketing helps in generating qualified customers

account-based-marketing is a b2b strategy

Not all leads become revenue – generating customers, so most marketers are looking for ways to generate more qualified customers. The special thing about account based marketing is the ability to understand the specific needs of the customer and connecting them to what they are searching for and expecting. This filtration helps to know where to spend time efficiency and where it considered a waste of time and money.

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In order to achieve better result in ABM, marketing and sales teams should collaborate with each other and there should be strong sales – marketing alignment. The main idea is to found an entire sales and marketing process or cycle that maintains and develops relationships with specific customers.

account_based_marketing helps target specific accounts

When ABM is implemented, it has a basic rule in increasing deals. In other words, you have the opportunity to reach out to the right leads and the right accounts. As a result, account based marketing helps many companies in rising the number of their qualified customers.

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In the previous years, large companies used account based marketing in targeting their big accounts to avoid the high cost. Nowadays, and with the continuous development and evolution of marketing platforms; many small, medium and large companies are using account based marketing to present personalized offers to as many accounts as they can.

account based marketing generates qualified customers

Account based marketing is more efficient with software tools. These tools help marketers to manage relationships with their customers, as well as presenting analysis of the targeted accounts. By using these automation tools, reaching targeted accounts has never been that simple.




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