8 Google tricks help in SEO and Advanced Search

not all users are familiar with google tricks and secrets
July 26, 2016

After reading this article, on one hand you will be able to know more about Google tricks and also save more time while searching. On the other hand, if your work is related to SEO, these tricks will help you to increase your performance. Besides, Google search is your gate to the outside world. Many users think that they search professionally on Google but they are wrong. Google has many tricks which are not common to all Google users.

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Google search secrets and tricks

Google tricks, tips and hacks that will help in SEO

1-How to search for a specific term word or sentence



If you want to search for specific word or sentence, you can use quotation marks to find the exact word or sentence. This search helps in excluding the less relevant results. ex. “web design”

2- How to Search within a specific Site



If you want to search within a website, you can write the word or the sentence first and then write the name of the website. Ex: site:code95.com social media

3-How to search for all related websites to a specific website



If you want to search for a related website, you can write related then the website name. Ex: related:code95.com

4-How to search for a sentence inside websites’ text

all in text


If you want to search for pages contain all the words written in the search query. Ex: allintext:web design

5-How to search for keywords in websites’ url

all in url

If you want to search for an exact word or text within the url of the search results. Ex: allinurl:web design

6-How to search for an exact file type in Google Search Engine



If you want to search for, you can write the name of the file and it’s type.

7-How to search while having a missing keyword within the sentence asterisk *

asterisk (2)


If you want to search for a sentence but you forget a word in this sentence, you can put * instead of this word and google will find the missing word or part.

8-How to compare between two keywords



If you want to search for page contains a specific word and want to exclude another word, you can write OR between the two words and the search results will have the pages contain the second word.




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