7 steps bloggers should follow after publishing new articles

bloggers need to know and follow many tips after they publish articles
October 25, 2016

In this article, I’m going to discus with you 7 steps bloggers should follow after writing and publishing a new article, and these steps will double the value of the articles.

Bloggers should do the following tips:

1-Re- read and review article

review articles

Of course you as bloggers should invest some time to review your articles before publishing it in case you forget something. Therefore, you should check the article linguistically more than once before publishing your content.

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2-Share your article on social networks

share articles on social media

You spend hours in the preparation of your article. You should spend a few minutes more to promote your articles. After publishing your article, you should share it on Facebook, Twitter and any other social networks. This will help you attract the attention of readers. Do not make choosing the best social media channels take a long time, start publishing now and know the most effective social media channel through experience.

3-Send the article to subscribers in your mailing list

send your articles to users in mailing list

The users in the mailing list are the most loyal to you, as they gave you permission to inform them when you publish a new content, so you should send the article to them immediately. Make it a daily or weekly habit, and if you do not have a mailing list start building one immediately.

4-Share the article in the specialized groups

share your article on specialized groups


Surely, you are a member in a group on Facebook or LinkedIn. Share your article on those groups to get a wider spread. If you are not in any of these groups, you should take into consideration that joining some of them is a must.

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5-Link your new article with the old articles

link your articles with eachother

If you publish articles with valuable content, by time you will succeed in attracting many visits and traffic. These valuable articles will enable you to send many visits to the new article, return to the best published articles and find a way to put a link refers to the new article. Those internal links attract many visits to your articles, which reduces the bounce rate and makes the reader spend more time in reading your articles, which has a strong impact on improving your articles for search engines.

6-Reply to comments


Encouraging readers to add their comments on your article is a great challenge. So, you shouldn’t ignore any comment of anyone of them. Make it a priority to reply to all comments; by this you will build a strong positive relationship with your readers which will motivate more of them to participate and comment on your article.

7-Study numbers and statistics!

follow statistics

Finally, following the statistics and analyzing your own blog will tell you more about the source of your traffic to your blog, and whether visitors continue reading many articles or they left your website after reading one article. This information will help you improve your content in the future.

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