6 Basic Skills Of Successful Content Marketers

essential skills to be successful content marketers
September 25, 2016

Before explaining the necessary skills of successful content marketers, first you should know what is content marketing?

Content marketing has many definitions:

content marketing have more than one definition

a- It is a marketing and business process to create valuable and relevant content to the product to attract the attention of targeted customers and to suit the general objectives of the marketing plan.

b- Marketing content is the umbrella that covers all marketing activities that include creating and sharing content to encourage existing and potential customers and provide valuable information to the customer to fit his interests and attract his attention, and then ensure his loyalty of the product or service.

c- Announcement intended to meet the needs of consumers in a way which help the brands to make profit from the targeted customers.

d- Provide useful information to consumers to help them in making a purchase decision for products or services.

e- Create content different from the product may provide the customers with information, entertainment or education to attract targeted customers to market the product.

f- The use of any form of content such as (newsletters, blog posts, white papers, videos, Tweets, wall posts) to attract interested audience and turning them to actual customers.

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The required skills for those who works as content marketers:

1- Research

content marketers should do research before writing content

1- Research 

a- Identify and configure a vision for the market and divide it into geographical regions.

b- Identify, analyze interests and behavior of targeted customers.

c- Identification and analysis of competitors and their ways of marketing their products.

d-Identify the keywords that are used in the content, analyze and determine the strength of each word and the strength of the competition.

2- Writing and Editing

content marketers should jave the ability of writing and editing content

Writing is the heart of the content marketing, and it’s necessary to review the language and spelling of the content before publishing.

3- Video Production and Editing

importance of video editing in content marketing

Content marketers doesn’t have to be a professional video designers, but to be aware of the design details to be able to direct the designer to the required form and content of the video as it will be among the content marketing strategy which is part of the marketing strategy.

4- Graphic Design

importance of graphic design in content marketing

You should know basic Photoshop skills, because photos are main and important part in the content. Sometimes, the content is a photo with a text to deliver your idea to your customers.

5- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

importance of seo in content marketing

It’s a priority for the content marketer when creating SEO content to write the title, keywords, alt image and other SEO elements.

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6- Social Media

different Social Media platforms

You should understand how any social platform works. Every platform has its own content style. Marketing in every platform has its method and form.

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