5 Steps To Make a Successful Marketing Plan

marketing plan is very important for your business
November 10, 2016

Marketing plan is known as the cornerstone or one of the important basics of marketing management. It is the method and necessary procedures to maintain the company’s customers, attract potential customers and offering them the best services.

marketing plan and its importance to business

What you need to make a marketing plan

Step one: Understand your market and competitors

you have to be unique in the market

You have to understand the market trends to be able to put a successful marketing plan and work according to it. Try to know what the market wants, not only what it needs. You may find a poor market, but all the customers want to buy expensive products. This point is very important as markets often are not logic.

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Step Two: Understand Your Customer

understand your audience

Again, do not confuse between needs and desires, when an owner of a luxury car wants more; this is not a need but a desire. How many times have you heard from a friend went to buy something specific but he bought many other things, perhaps without buying what he went to buy at the beginning. People do not always buy what they need, but they always will buy what they want, even if they do not have too much money.

Step three: Choose qualified customers

try to choose qualified customers

If you say that you are targeting everyone to be your customers, what you’ll get is nothing. The market now is full of various forms of competition, so if you are not unique; no one will distinguish you. Look for the qualified segment of the market, and work to be the king of this sector. When you success in this step, you can repeat it again and move to control another sector. This choice will not work if you are not ready to deal with the targeted sector. For example, if you are not elegant and stylish, don’t think that you can sell Prada products, as you will not convince the industry to deal with you.

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Step four: Develop a clear marketing message

choose a clear marketing message

Your marketing message should explain what you sell in simple few words in order to convince potential customers to buy. It’s better to have two marketing messages, one simple short message and another long message to explain everything about your product. Begin with problems solved by your product, and then confirm that your product can solve these problems. You can mention your satisfied customers and their reviews about your products and the level of service. Besides, you can explain your prices and terms of payment.

Step five: Select clear specific targets for sales and marketing

set goals to your marketing and sales

You should set a written and understandable goal that is clear for everyone. This goal must be verifiable, measurable, and limited to certain time to be implemented within it. Once you determine your goals, you have to put them in steps, present them to the team and explain to each member his role in achieving this goal.

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