Crystal Clear: Business Trends 2016

important business trends in 2016
December 08, 2016

With the rapid and continuous growth of the digital era; the presence of new business trends helped to increase the competitions and opportunities in the market, and reduce the gap between small and large companies. At the same time, developing new software solutions raised the possibility of small businesses and companies to use advance technology tools help joining global market easier than before.

2016 Business Trends that help you join the global market

1- Consumers are having rule in making decisions (Co-creation)

co-operation between consumers & companies to make decisions

Involving consumers in innovating new products and services is one of new business trends. Many companies recently took the action of involving customers in making the decision of launching new products or new services, as customers can be creative and have some ingenious ideas that may turn into amazing and valuable products.

Surveys for example are of the popular methods of companies to know customers’ opinions and feedback about their products, their suggestions for better service and new recommendation for unexpected products. Also socializing with customers within social media channels take part in bridging the gap between customers and companies. Besides, it can be useful to collect ideas which may participate in the decision of launching new product. This is definitely one of 2016’s hottest business trends.

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2- New payment methods


If you really want to expand your business in new market or to join the global market, you need to implement different payment methods, as it will insure the existence of effective universal clients with tailored payment method suites the targeted market.

Global market contains a wide range of countries with different industries. As a result, you as an investor or business owner need to be aware and have full understanding of alternative locally-payment methods.

The famous global payment methods are:

-Credit cards

-Bank transfers

-E-wallet or electronic wallet


-Visa & master card

3- Digital security becomes unquestionable

protect data and security becomes basic issues

In the previous years; digital security issues were not from the basic concerns to business owners, as it didn’t come to their mind that they may face data breaches. These concerns include (website security – mobile data – customers’ data – companies’ database – data & money transport – bank accounts).

Accessing to high sensitive, private and important information is not difficult anymore with recent technology tricks and tools, as well as the possibility of transferring any data on such short notice. Hackers always find their way to penetrate systems – devices – accounts – websites, which considered a serious and critical security priority needs to be handled.

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4- Freelancers are invading

To be a freelancer is to be a self – employed or hired to work from home for companies and individuals. At present, the trend of using freelancers is increasing worldwide. On one hand, it is more flexible and an opportunity to earn extra money. On the other hand, it may reduce the cost for the employer when hiring new employees.

According to the international freelance statistics, the community of freelancers is in continuous growth with 53 million people in US (according to a new landmark survey conducted by the independent research firm Edelman Berland and commissioned be Freelancers Union and Elance-oDesk), and 1.4 million freelancers in UK.

freelancer types

A recent survey in America mentioned that, the 53 million freelancers are divided into 5 types:

a- Independent Contractors:

This type represents 21.1 million freelancers / 40% of the independent workers. Independent freelancers are getting to work with different people, as they are hired on individual projects.

b- Moonlighters:

They represent 14.3 million / 27% of total freelancers in US. Moonlighters as shown in the name are people who work a full-time job in the morning and do freelance work at night.

c- Diversified Workers:

They are 9.3 million / 18% of freelancers. This type may have full or part- time job, and at the same time they do freelancing on their spare time.

d- Temporary Workers:

Represent 5.5 million / 10% of the independent workforce. They are individuals hired to do temporary work for certain client or organization. For example, they can be independent consultant for particular time.

e- Freelance Business Owner:

They represent 2.8 million / 5% of freelancers. This type is mostly business owners who have between 1 and 5 employees working for their companies as freelancers. For clarification, they are freelancers hiring other freelancers to expand their work.

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By collecting these trends together and by adding new key market trends, the chance to stay ahead of the market is much easier. New opportunities for new investments are came to light. Don’t forget that it’s all about growing your business through keeping your eyes on all changes in the market, taking advantages and avoid disadvantages. Try your best to keep your business strategy flexible enough to fit all changes in the market.

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