13 tips to improve website ranking on search engines

important tips to improve website ranking
September 26, 2016

Top tips to improve website ranking


1- If you want to use the Javascript language in the drop-down menus and want to put links on photos, make sure to create a page in the site and put out every links of your site in this page without exception to improve website ranking.

2- The content of the page is the king for Google and other search engines, so make sure you are writing good and unique content, and through the content you can target your important keywords.

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3- If the content of the page is the king, the internal links and the backlinks are the Queen, so try to build internal and external links using targeted keywords.

4- The renewed page content is very important factor to reach the top search engine results. Putting renewed content regularly make the search engine spiders determine you and visit your site regularly.


5- When you put a link on your website to another page within your site, then use keywords in the link and avoid using the word: press here or read more or others.

6- Use important targeted keywords in the photos, links and titles of pages.

7- When you put external links of your website on other websites remember that it’s all about quality not quantity. Let’s say that 10 trusted links to Google are better that hundreds of untrusted links.

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8- Search engines are looking for good, non-copied or repeated content, also do not fill your posts and pages with words and sentences irrelevant to your content.

9- Make sure your site is easy to use, and that all your pages are linked to internal links in your website.


10- Your website may contain important pages which your visitors can’t access, so you should put the links of these pages in the emails that you send to your customers.

11- Putting a link of your website’s home page in other websites is not the only important thing. It’s also important to put links of internal pages in other websites.

12- Try to put one or two keywords at most in each page separately.

13- Sign up for Google Web Master Tool Service provided by Google to track your website continuously and solve problems discovered by Google.

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