10 Things You are Definitely Losing by Not Using Magento!

10 Things You are Definitely Losing by Not Using Magento! Ecommerce platform
July 27, 2020

Did you know that, of the 1 million highest-ranking eCommerce platforms, Magento occupies 19.64% in 2020 according to Alexa.com! Magento has proved to be a powerful and comprehensive platform when it comes to the eCommerce.

Following in this article, you will get introduced to Magento and 10 other unmissable features of Magento for your eCommerce business.

But first, 

What is Magento?

Magento is basically an opensource-based eCommerce platform used mainly for building eCommerce websites.

The good news is that you don’t have to be an expert to benefit from its features and tools. However, for proceeding in more technical features, you may need a specialist to manage it.


Magento different editions:

Magento Community Edition – (Opensource).

The free version of Magento offering the standard features of Magento for small to medium businesses.

Magento Enterprise Edition – (Commerce).

The paid version of Magento offering much more customization level with more technical insights. Best fits medium to large businesses.

How does Magento stands out?

1- Full Open source Platform.

Based on an open-source technology, Magento made it open for merchants to easily download and rely on Magento’s different features and customize it according to their needs.


2- Highly Scalable eCommerce Platform.

A very good point for businesses and start-up companies is the ability to expand their website’s content and features according to their needs, and in this point, Magento was the best!

Thanks to its multiple options, Magento offers something for everyone from the start-up companies to the huge ones as you can start with Magento open source if you have limited products, budget and features, and easily upgrade to Magento commerce edition to expand your features, and go further with your online business.


3- Extremely Flexible Hosting Service.

With Magento, you do not necessarily have to stick to a certain hosting solution. Instead, you are free to choose your hosting service provider.


4- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You don’t have to worry about your appearance in Google results. With Magento SEO options, you can optimize your eCommerce store to appear in Google search results.

It helps you to create friendly and short URLs, insert meta descriptions, create your sitemaps, redirect links, use Nofollow links, and many more options that can be applied to your eCommerce website.


5- Integrated Platform with Google Services.

Google services like Google Analytics and Google Base are widely recognised as powerful eCommerce tools. The integrations of these Google services into the Magento dashboard made it of a great value.


6- High-Level Security Options.

Magento offers multiple levels of security including secondary password protection and CAPTCHA, to ensure that your website is safe and secure from any probable hacking attack.

Moreover, it supports PCI (Protection of Cardholder Industry) to make sure that your client is having an enjoyable and secured experience while shopping or making payments in general.


7- Powerful Marketing Tools.

Magento exclusively offers powerful marketing tools to grow your sales and motivate your leads to be the new clients, through a number of effective strategies like coupons, gifting options, rewarding point, upselling and cross-selling strategies, multi-tiered pricing, promotions, and many other tools.



8- Comprehensive Reporting System.

Using Magento platform, you will be able to track your website performance, monitor your inventory to check what is in stock and what is out of stock, see what are the popular items got purchased by your visitors, all at once from the “Reports” section on your back-end interface. 

Keeping an eye on your website gives you deep insights on how it is going and allows you to put accordingly your sales or marketing campaigns.



9- Different Currency and Language Options.

Only with Magento, you will not worry about your audience in the different countries. Thanks to Magento support to different currencies and languages, there is no barrier between you and your global audience anymore.



10- The Easiest and Fastest Checkout Process.

Many clients tend to give up on purchasing when the checkout process is complex. With Magento eCommerce platform, you are giving your customer the easiest shopping experience by making the checkout process much easier and faster.



After all, if you are not currently using Magento, would you give it a try?
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